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Lemonia Restaurant

2011 June 5
by admin

mixed selection of mains

  After being spoilt for choice coming from Melbourne, where the other half of the Greek population live, I find Greek restaurants in London seem to more a miss than a hit. They don’t seem to get the balance right between authenticity and quality, and having just spent some time in Greece, my expectations were high when it came to a repeat visit to Lemonia Greek restaurant. 
  I had been before to Lemonia, although not for a few years. So I had forgotten just how great it was, and how it can also rank up with the local restaurants in Athens and Paros.
  Lemonia’s nestled in Primrose Hill, where it’s been part of the scene for as long as people remember. Booking in advance is the way to go as it’s always filled to capacity, which is something that service does not suffer for as it’s always attentive and quick. The waiters who have been there for as long as the restaurant itself keep things moving at a nice pace, and are always up for a banter as well, which adds to the atmosphere.


  Ordering in Lemonia, and any Greek restaurant for that matter, I find it’s best to order a selection for the table. This way, you can have a wide cross-section of the menu, which in Lemonia’s case the menu is quite large.
  The mixed meze is great to start with. Tziki, aubergine puree, and hummous are great to have with the flat bread. The tabbouleh freshens up the palette, and of course you have to order the greek salad for the side. The prawn dish is a nice addition to order as well if you want a seafood dish to balance it out.


  For mains I recommend also ordering a selection for the table. The lamb chops are a nice little bite, with the chicken and lamb souvlaki cooked tender. Spanakopita I can eat any time of day, and the ham, halloumi and greek sausage dish was probably a highlight.

turkish delight

  End the night fighting over the turkish delights, or order in the baklava with the turkish coffee. Reading your coffee grains is apparently a past time of some people. I won’t tell you what mine said.
89 Regents Park Road,
London, NW1 8UY

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