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The Chablis Take-Away Pairings Challenge

2013 March 17
Indian Cinnamon Menu


So I have been challenged by Chablis wines to come up with a recommended takeaway food and wine pairings. As Chablis is already one of my drinks of choice, I feel that I have conducted some unofficial research into this already, so I was excited to get stuck in officially.

I don’t order a lot of take away, as I love cooking. But there is a rather nice Indian restaurant nearby to me, Indian Cinnamon, with whom I have visited a few times for dinner, and have been meaning to visit again. This proved the perfect excuse to try their take-away service for the first time.

What I love about Indian Cinnamon is their approach to their food. They only go for the highest quality of ingredients, so their dishes burst with flavour.

I unfortunately cannot handle a lot of spice with my food, although I do love a bit of warmth. So what I have ordered tonight, and usually order, reflects my rather weak taste buds. This does have the added advantage of keeping the taste buds primed for the Chablis accompanying my food.

the unpackaged take-away order

the take-away order ready to be plated

The Chablis I chose to have with my meal is a 2011 Louis Michel Petit Chablis. With its floral perfume, and chalky after-taste, it is perfect for what I have ordered.

I started my take away meal with onion bhajis, which I generally have whilst having Indian. Some may say that this is a safe starter to have, although as I pointed out my weak taste bud issue before, if you’re after a more adventurous-eating blog post, then maybe you should click away now.

order from Indian Cinnamon

order from Indian Cinnamon

For the main meal, I once again didn’t get too adventurous and went with a classic – the chicken tikka masala. It’s not a traditional Indian classic, more a British-Indian take away classic. As a spice wimp, I love it. The sweetness of the sauce, with the slight warmth from the spice is perfect for my taste buds. And the buttery and creamy sauce is the perfect pairing to the wine.

Along with this I chose a saag poneer to have as a side. The spinach with cottage cheese cubes are a great combination, and once again not overpowering but flavoursome when done right.

A keema naan mopped the masala sauce up perfectly, with the extra and it had the additional mince meat

I unfortunately had no leftovers of the Indian for a cracking lunch the next day, although I did have a few glasses of the Chablis left. So I decided to keep one for myself to have with the rabbit casserole I’ve become fond of cooking.

Indian Cinnamon are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.
They can be found at:
42 Devonshire Road
W4 2HD
Tel: 020 8994 0544

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