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Foodie April Fools

2012 April 1

I’ve always enjoyed April Fools, especially when quite a lot of thought and effort has gone into a joke. There seem to be quite a few gems this year.

Here is a list of the foodie April Fools jokes I have come across so far. Apologies to those whom I’ve misinterpreted as being a fool!

The Ship

The Ship Pic: The Ship

The Ship in Wandsworth, renowned for its scotch egg, burger, and meat based dishesis reporting that the whole of April is going to be a vegetarian only menu.Replacing their signature dishes would be things such as Chickpea and Lentil Scotch Egg, Foraged Forage and Borage, Tofu and Bean Burger, Roast Pepper, Chilli and Sweet Potato Risotto, and more risottos.
Read on for their full menu (yum!?!)….

Marmite Mango

Marmite Mango. (pic: Innocent)

Innocent drinks have reported a new flavour to their product range. The Marmite mango smoothly is one you either love or hate.
Read more…

Look mum

Look Mum No Hands website

Look mum no hands coffee shop is becoming London’s first Nespresso-only independent cafe. Oh the humanity!
Read on….

DIY Crisps

DIY Crisps (pic: walkers)

Walkers are doing a DIY crisp. Who knew how easy this could be!?!
Read on…

Non-slip bananas

Non-slip bananas (pic: Sainsbury's)

The world’s first non-slip banana is being reported by Sainsbury’s. Supermarket humour?
Read on…

Vegetable lamb

Vegaetable lamb (pic: wikipedia)

I think my favourite has to be from wikipedia. They have an interesting article on the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary. It is a legendary zoophyte (an animal that visually resembles a plant) of Central Asia beleived to grow sheep as a fruit.

The sheep is connected to the plant via the umbilical chord, and it grazes around the plant. When all the grazing is done, both the sheep and plant die.
Read on….

Ocado Livestock-Shop

Ocado Livestock-Shop (pic: Ocado)

Online supermarket Ocado says it has opened the UK’s first web ‘Livestock-Shop’. As the press release says: “Proving that fresh really is best, the new delivery service, in partnership with Daylesford organic farm, will provide customers with a number of live farm animals to produce their own milk and eggs. All available to order from Sunday, 1st April.”.
Read the release here…
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