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2011 June 4
by admin

Well worth the effort in preparation:

– Peel the tough, inedible leaves one by one by bending them back until they snap off. Leaving the edible paler bottom end of the leaf.

– Squeeze some lemon over the artichoke to prevent discolouring.

– Cut around 2cm of the tip, and open up the artichoke.

– Discard any inner leaves.

– Scrape out the bristles, being careful not to damage the tender bottom.

– Rub with lemon, season the inner section and pour in some olive oil and lemon.

– Place the artichoke stem up in a heavy-based pan, and cover until the water covers the artichoke, but not the stem.

– Place on a medium heat for 35 minutes, or until you can easily pierce it with a fork.

– Serve with extra olive oil and lemon. Or dip in a hollandaise sauce.

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