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I can’t believe it’s called cheese

2010 March 1

After watching an ad on television for a cheese that could be squirted out of a squeeze bottle, it got me to thinking what other cheeses are out there that have been modified for easier use.
Easy Cheese

Very conveniently packaged in an aerosol can, which means you could certainly use it one-handed. Comes in four different varieties: Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, Cheddar ‘n Bacon, American. It promises to also bring you roasted garlic cheddar real soon. If you go to Easy’s website, there are lots more fun things you can do, and proudly boasts that it’s ‘made with real cheese’.

Cheez Whiz

With such a catchy name (misspelt for extra effect) who could resist! Be careful when going to Whiz’s web site, as it does warn that it looks so tempting that you could ‘lick the screen’. Comes in a handy squeeze bottle and jar. So the very skillful could measure out a portion from the jar with one hand, although the squeeze bottle really can’t be beaten for convenience.

Grated Parmesan

I know that my childhood pantry was never without this favourite! What amazed me was how it was equally at home in the fridge than the pantry. This can certainly be used one-handed, as there is a flip top lid for either free-pour, or sprinkle pour.

If you one day left the shopping to somebody else, and they thought you meant a parmesan block, rather than pre-grated parmesan, don’t panic! Here’s a site which tells you how to convert that block of yellow stuff into the grated parmesan you know best. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but it should at least start you off.

Cheese Strings

Here’s one specifically marketed towards the kiddies. I guess the reason being is to encourage them to start appreciating cheese from an earlier age. So the aim is by the time they’re 18, they’ll know their Epoisse from their Vacherin. I can see no other purpose.

Stay tuned for more!

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