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Baking Eggs

2011 May 8
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Baking eggs is my favourite cooking method. It not only retains more of the egg flavour, but seems to open up more possibilities on what to have with them.

I use a small oven-proof fry pan to bake my eggs in. Ramekins are also a great to use, but just as long as the container is oven-proof and can contain an egg, then the possibilities are endless.

The main method is to turn your oven up to 200 degrees celsius, and cook the vegetables you will have with the eggs for the desired amount of time.

10 minutes before the end of cooking time, make a well in the middle, crack the eggs into the well, and pop back in the oven.

with vegetables
With shallots, tomatoes, asparagus

With tomatoes, and a field mushroom. The addition of a field mushroom enables you to be more clever with presentation by cracking open the eggs on top of the mushroom itself.

With slow cooked tomatoes. Click here for my recipe.

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